San Franscisco, CA

Author: Curtis Fly | | Attribute: Creative Commons

San Francisco is a unique and breathtaking metropolis. From the famous icon of the Golden Gate Bridge to the exquisite art galleries at the San Francisco Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), the City takes pride in its unrivaled attractions, renowned museums, and its unique neighborhoods which are treasures of its own. Discover the variety of sites, shops, and restaurants that reflect the City’s great ethnic and cultural diversity.

Here are some great things to do in San Francisco,CA after booking your Group Hotel through

  • Urban Trek USA: Urban Trek USA’s brochure shows it focuses on making the guests’ sightseeing experience of San Francisco better than being aboard a tour bus and also to promote an environmentally friendly way of doing sightseeing. Urban Trek USA accomplishes these things by making the guests walk and use San Francisco’s public transportation system, as well as providing good information about the sites. The Trek Leader is also less rigid with time limits when visiting the sites unlike most tours that only give guests a short time to take photos. The Trek Leader allows guests to spend as much time as they want on each site depending on the guests’ schedule. The brochure says, “Be a local San Franciscan for a day,” and that is the experience guests get.
  • City Segway Tours: City Segway Tours offers you the complete experience: a great orientation, informative historical and current-day information, heaps of unique and fascinating stories, fantastic photo ops, superb personal service from your guide, an opportunity to ride the coolest machine in the world, and more.
  • Silver Lion Service: Silver Lion Service provides Custom driving tours around San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay Area all the way up to Reno & Tahoe. The personal service makes Silver Lion Service unique and a perfect fit for individuals or a small group.
  • Mr Toad’s Tours: Ride in style as you take an adventure through time around San Francisco in one of Mr. Toad’s vintage touring cars. Each of Mr. Toad’s pre-1930s vehicles run on Propane, making them Environmentally Friendly. They figured “Toads are Green, so are we!”
  • Alcatraz Island: Alcatraz Island, located in the middle of San Francisco bay, is a must-see attraction for any visitor to the area. One of the most infamous prisons in the country for housing notorious criminals, Alcatraz holds much history that will interest buffs and novices alike. No longer housing prisoners and managed by the National Park Service, Alcatraz allows tourists to visit by the boatload. Alcatraz was used as a federal maximum security prison from 1934 until 1963, when it was closed due to high costs and security issues.