3 epic group hotels in Melbourne, Australia with 200+ rooms

  • Up to 999 rooms

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These stunning and luxurious hotels – including the The Westin Melbourne – are among the largest in Australia’s second most-populated city

From the Sofitel Melbourne On Collins to the Stamford Plaza Melbourne, these huge Melbourne group hotels know how to accommodate large groups of travellers

  1. Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

    First up on our list of Melbourne group hotels is the Sofitel Melbourne On Collins, which has 363 rooms and suites to its name and is known for its chic French-inspired decor and impeccable service. An icon of five star luxury, why not enjoy a glass of Champagne at the glossy Atrium Bar On 35, enjoy Sofi’s High Tea in the Lounge or dine on exquisite French fare at No35 Restaurant?

    The Sofitel Melbourne On Collins is a 28-minute drive from Melbourne Airport.

  2. Stamford Plaza Melbourne

    Next up, with 283 rooms and suites, it’s another of the city’s stunning five star group hotels: the Stamford Plaza Melbourne.

    Here, you can enjoy a sauna, jacuzzi, indoor rooftop swimming pool and fully-equipped gym. Harry’s Restaurant & Bar is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Melbourne Airport is a 28-minute drive away.

  3. The Westin Melbourne

    Finally on our list of Sydney group hotels, it’s the Westin Melbourne, which has 262 rooms and suites. Another gorgeous five star, it is located in the Central Business District.

    Amenities include a fitness centre, a pool and free internet access. There’s also Allergro Restaurant, serving locally-sourced produce and The Lobby Bar for afternoon High Tea and evening cocktails!

    It is a 29-minute drive to Melbourne Airport, and nearby attractions include the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Federation Square and the Arts Centre. While in Melbourne, be sure to check out one of the city’s most famous attractions: The Official Neighbours Ramsay Street & Studio Backlot Tour, also known as the set of the best-loved Australian soap opera ever!

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