3 super-sized hotels in Thailand that are perfect for group travel

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From the two largest hotels in Bangkok to the Ambassador City Jomtien in Pattaya, these are the best places to stay for group travel in Thailand

Two of Thailand’s biggest and best hotels for group travel are found in Bangkok, but the biggest of all is found on the coast…


  1. The Bazaar Hotel, Bangkok

    With 800 rooms and suites, the four star Bazaar Hotel is one of the top accommodation choices for group travel in the Thai capital of Bangkok.

    The hotel boasts multiple dining options, a 24-hour supermarket, shops, a fitness centre, a massage centre, a swimming pool, and according to its official website, a water park is on its way!

    Nearby attractions include The Thai Bank Museum and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Meanwhile, New Bangkok International Airport is around a 27-minute car ride away.

  2. Ambassador City Jomtien

    With 4,219 rooms and suites, the Ambassador City Jomtien in Pattaya is the biggest hotel in Thailand. and one of the biggest hotels in the world, making it an essential destination for group travel. Built in 1987, it benefitted from a 2004 renovation.It’s all about location with this hoteling behemoth: it’s set on the shores of Na Jomtien beach, among 80km of lush property. The action of Pattaya just 15 minutes away.On-site activities include a wide array of outdoor activities, from boating to tennis to water skiing. There’s also a spa, a games room and swimming pools to keep you and your fellow travellers entertained.

  3. Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

    Another group travel option in Bangkok, the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park has 1,360 rooms and suites across 37 floors.It was built in 2016, and features a health club, a massage spa and two outdoor pools. There are two bars and five restaurants on-site. Our pick of the latter is the Akira Back Restaurant and Bar, serving contemporary Asian fare from the 37th floor of the hotel, thus offering spectacular views of the city. There’s also the authentic Thai cuisine of Siam Tea Room.

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