4 huge hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii that are great for a group booking

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From Sheraton Waikiki Hotel to Sheraton Princess Kai’ulani, these Honolulu hotels all have 1,000+ rooms and suites so are ideal for a group booking.

The largest option on this list of hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii that are perfect for a group booking has a staggering 3,386 rooms and suites!

  • Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort

    In Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii and found on the main island (also called Hawaii), the Hilton Hawaiian Village has 3,386 rooms and suites across eight towers. It’s the largest hotel for a group booking in Honolulu by some distance, and welcomes two million tourists year in, year out.

    On-site benefits include a beach, a health club, a spa, four outdoor pools and snorkelling. Then there’s a staggering 18 restaurants and bars!

    This oceanfront resort is only a 19-minute drive to Honolulu Airport. Furthermore, as Honolulu is a medium-sized city of 352,000 people, most major attractions are again a short car ride away. For example, the iconic Diamond Head, a dormant volcano, is 17 minutes away in the car.

  • Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

    The second largest hotel for a group booking in Honolulu is the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, with 1,634 rooms and suites across 31 floors; many have an ocean view. The hotel was built in 1971 and last renovated in 2012; on-site benefits again include a beach, health club and spa, plus two outdoor pools to choose from – including the world’s largest infinity pool, the Infinity Edge Pool.

    There are six drinking and dining options, such as the Asian-fusion of RumFire and the finest Japanese fare at Yoshiya.

    Furthermore, the hotel is just a 22-minute drive from the airport; why not try out the Bishop Museum, dedicated to Hawaiian and other Pacific Island culture, which is 20 minutes away by car.

  • Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa

    With 1,221 rooms and suites across two towers and 40 floors, the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa is a close third behind Sheraton’s offering in terms of size. There’s a health club, spa, outdoor pool and a shopping mall.

    There are four dining options plus a restaurant delivery service. Our pick of the bunch is The Buffet at Hyatt, where you can sample various local cuisine, with plenty of gorgeously fresh seafood to choose from.

    The Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa is 20 minutes from the airport by car, while Pearl Harbour Aviation Museum is a little further.

  • Sheraton Princess Kai’ulani

    Finally on our list of Honolulu hotels that are perfect for a group booking is the three star Sheraton Princess Kai’ulani, with 1,152 rooms and suites across two towers and 29 floors.

    You can organise boating and sailing expeditions on-site, and also be sure to try out the health club and freshwater pool. Dining options include Pikake Terrace and Splash Bar beside the pool, serving American dishes and Hawaiian specialities.

    Once again, the hotel is only a 20-minute drive from the airport, Be sure to check out the stunning natural beauty in Hawaii from the Sheraton and all the hotels on this list; the beautiful Hanauma Bay and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are unmissable.

Stay tuned! In our next post due next week we will talk to you about some of the best hotels around the world that are great for both weddings and group bookings. Are you planning group travel sometime in the near future? Then let’s make the booking!