4 perfect Cancun hotels for groups for beachside luxury

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Starting with the Moon Palace Cancun, check out these ultra stylish blockbuster hotels for groups in the Mexican beach region

From the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun to the Riu Palace Peninsula, all these Cancun hotels for groups have 500+ rooms and suites to choose from!

  1. Moon Palace Cancun

    First up on our list of group hotels in Cancun – known for its stunning white sand beaches and near-perfect weather – is the ginormous five star resort Moon Palace Cancun. It has a staggering 2,404 rooms and suites to its name!

    Located on Cancun’s south shore, there is so much to see and do, from two outdoor pools featuring a wave simulator to the 15 restaurants. Our top pick is Momo, which serves excellent Asian cuisine – everything from hand-wrapped sushi to your favourite Thai dishes.

    There’s also a hot tub, a tennis course, a golf course, jogging trails, a fitness centre, a steam room and sauna… What’s more you can arrange from the convenience of the resort to go scuba diving and/or snorkelling!

    It’s a short walk to the beach, while Cancun International Airport is just 16 minutes away by car!

  2. Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

    With 601 rooms and suites, second up on our list of hotels for groups in the Mexican beach haven is Hard Rock Hotel Cancun.

    The hotel has all the usual luxury hotel features – infinity pool, the gorgeous Rock Spa and fitness facilities including a gym and tennis courts – with plenty of unique selling point to boot. Here are just a few: an abundance of music memorabilia, naturally, plus waterside gigs and a guitar room service menu!

    You can also get to Cancun International Airport in around 20 minutes in the car, and reach the region’s nightlife and shopping districts in 10 minutes. Plus, the close proximity of Interactive Aquarium Cancun, which is just four minutes away by car, is a real bonus!

  3. Paradisus Cancun

    Last on our list of Cancun hotels for groups, and with 687 rooms and suites, is the Paradisus Cancun – another beautiful luxury resort, boasting a 600m beach.

    Located in the Cancun Hotel Zone, the resort is known for being comprised of a series of striking pyramid-shaped buildings. Impressive features include the hanging gardens of Pyramid 3, four lagoon-style pools and the stunning Yhi Spa. For dining, don’t miss Tempo, one of the most celebrated restaurants in the region, serving Basque cuisine in inventive ways, and utilising molecular gastronomic science.

    Aquaworld Cancun is within walking distance, and from here you can arrange to go diving, swimming with dolphins or driving off-road in the Mayan jungle.

    Meanwhile, eight minutes away by car is one of Cancun’s top attractions, the El Rey archaeological ruins. These wondrous Mayan ruins date back to 250AD. Then, the airport is a 21-minute drive away!

    Once you’ve soaked up the beauty of the beautiful beaches nestling the Caribbean Sea from here and all our group hotels, why not enjoy another nearby destination that’s equally iconic – Cuba! The flight time from Cancun to this colourful island nation is only one hour and 20 minutes!

Stay tuned! In our post due next week we will talk to you about hotels for groups that are great for trips to Jamaica you might be planning! Are you planning a group trip sometime in the near future? Then let’s make the booking!