4 UK group booking hotels perfect for a college reunion

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  1. The Andaz Liverpool Street London Hotel, London

    The English capital is home to the most universities in the UK and in 2017 the Big Smoke was reported to have 372,000 (or 16%) of the country’s student population. It’s also of course surrounded by five major airports, so a school reunion here is a no brainer.

    It has a bumper 267 rooms, and is well-connected to the city given its close proximity to the Liverpool Street transport hub. History buffs will enjoy learning about its former life as a Victorian railway hotel.

  2. Birmingham

    The second-largest city in England – home to four universities: Aston University, Birmingham City University, Birmingham University and Newman University – is fittingly home to the largest hotel in the UK outside of London.

    With 760 rooms and suites, the The Hilton Birmingham Metropole is just seven minutes from Birmingham Airport; Birmingham New Street railway station, meanwhile, is 22 minutes away.

  3. Glasgow

    The oldest-founded university in Scotland is St Andrews in Fife (it dates back to 1410); the second is the University of Glasgow, founded in 1451. It has an enrolment of almost 27,000 while the neighbouring University of Strathclyde has over 21,000. As such, the student vibe runs through this city of 600,000.

    A great choice for your group booking reunion, if you’re looking to save money, is the first CitizenM property to be built outside of Amsterdam, the CitizenM Glasgow. Its mission is to offer affordable luxury across189 rooms. It’s just five minutes by car from Glasgow Central Station.

  4. Edinburgh

    The Scottish capital is home to the University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Napier University, and a combined student population between them of over 70,000!

    Why not stay at the Balmoral Hotel? Blow the budget on this opulent, centrally-located five star, which has 188 rooms and suites; literary and culture aficionados might be interested to know this is the hotel J. K. Rowling finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in.

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Stay tuned! In our post due next week we will talk to you about some of the best group booking hotels around the world that are great for family reunions. Are you planning group travel sometime in the near future? Then let’s make the booking!