5 hotels featured in Hollywood movies with rooms for groups

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You’ll recognise these hotels with rooms for groups, from the Chateau Marmont in LA to The Park Hyatt Tokyo, from the following award-winning films.

From Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, as seen in The Hangover, to Timberline Lodge, as seen in The Shining, check out these famous hotels with rooms for groups.

  1. Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA – The Hangover

    It was already one of the most famous hotels in world. But the star of Caesars Palace ascended further with its starring role in raucous comedy The Hangover. The movie is about a bachelor party (that includes Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis) that checks into Caesars’ Augustus Tower, and promptly goes out of control.

    The Palace is home to a mind-boggling 3,960 rooms for groups, not to mention a hair salon, a nightclub and no less than seven swimming pools as part of the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. Be sure to try out the hotel’s most iconic restaurant, Mr Chow, as featured in the film, and known for its Champagne trolley and moving ceiling sculpture called The Moon.

  2. Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, USA – La La Land

    One of the most iconic buildings in Los Angeles, the Chateau Marmont was built in 1929, and his since hosted some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Lindsay Lohan and Greta Garbo all but moved in.

    In the Oscar-winning La La Land, you get a unique insight into just how perfect the property’s rooms for groups actually are. At the climax of the film, when you see the beautiful home of main character Mia (played by Emma Stone), this is actually the interior of one of the Chateau’s villas.

    Chateau Marmont also appeared in Almost Famous, which starred Kate Hudson.

  3. The Plaza, New York City, USA – Home Alone 2

    Like Chateau Marmont, the iconic exterior of the Plaza, just off NYC’s Central Park, is French-inspired. The interiors, including the many spacious suites, complete chandeliers and park views, are equally classy and classic.

    The Plaza has appeared in many a film and TV show: everything from the romantic comedy Bride Wars, starring Anne Hathaway, to HBO’s seminal series Sex and the City. However, it’s perhaps best known as the hotel of choice for little Kevin McCallister from Home Alone 2. In the film, when his family are boarding a plane to Miami, Kevin accidentally boards one to the Big Apple. Among his many adventures in the city, he checks into The Plaza with his father’s credit card!

  4. Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan – Lost In Translation

    Located atop Shinjuku Park Tower, the fifth tallest structure in Tokyo, this five star stopover was the perfect setting for the epic yet understated emotional drama Lost In Translation, starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. It occupies the top 14 floors of the 52-storey building, and director Sofia Coppola used the hotel extensively in the movie that ignited her career.

    The Best Original Screenplay Oscar winner sees faded movie actor Bob and young, lonely newlywed Charlotte form an unexpected connection while staying at the hotel.

    The Park Hyatt Tokyo boasts 177 rooms, including 23 suites, plus a cutting-edge fitness facility and a library, plus a wide range of restaurants bars and lounges, including the New York Grill, and for Japanese cuisine, Kozue.

  5. 5 Timberline Lodge, Oregon, USA – The Shining

    One of the most critically-acclaimed horror movies of all time, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining of course starred Jack Nicholson as the writer who loses his mind while housesitting the Overlook Hotel with his family one punishing winter.

    The novel, by horror maestro Stephen King, was inspired by The Stanley Hotel in Denver. However, the iconic scene-setting aerial shots were of Oregon’s remote Timberline Lodge, which sits peacefully (or eerily, depending on viewpoint) at 6,000 feet, half way up the imposing Mount Hood.

    The hotel has several rooms for groups, including medium chalets, accommodating seven people, while the larger chalets sleep up to nine.