5 super cool group hotels for hipsters in Shoreditch, London

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For hotels perfect for groups of travelers with a focus on cool, look no further than The Hoxton, the Z et al

  1. The Hoxton

    First on our list of group hotels is this fabulous four star is located, somewhat confusingly, in London’s enduringly cool east London neighborhood of Shoreditch. (The area actually known as Hoxton is five minutes north of here.)

    There are plenty of edgy coffee shops, statement restaurants on The Hoxton’s doorstep, but the hotel’s own sprawling reception area, with its plush trendy furniture, is known as a hang out area/work base for arty locals. Meanwhile the Hoxton Grill, with its leather booths and open plan kitchen, always has a buzzy atmosphere.

    Known for its chic rooms and good value for money, the hotel has been such a hit since opening in 2006, that other properties have since opened in Paris and Amsterdam, along with a second in London. More are slated for New York City, Chicago and LA.

  2. The Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

    The Ace Hotel Group of course originated in Portland, Oregon, also known as the birthplace of the hipster. (Check out the TV show Portlandia). Its Shoreditch outpost is one of its biggest openings in recent years. (It the four star Ace Hotel London Shoreditch is. The glamorous rooftop bar boasts a stellar view of east London.

    Like The Hoxton, one of The Ace Hotel London Shoreditch’s most defining characteristics is the gigantic co-working space that greets you on arrival. The fashionable crowd that populate it are typical of the area and the clientele in the strikingly austere rooms upstairs.

    Also, be sure to check out the rooftop bar – it boasts one of the best views of East London around.

  3. Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

    For the more monied and international hipster, the first London hotel from iconic hospitality brand Nobu (co-founded by Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro no less), opened last year, offers the ultimate in sophisticated cool.

    Opened in 2017, it’s an oasis of five star and style that might have felt more natural in well-heeled Mayfair, but in reality contrasts pleasingly with the ramshackle warehouses and graffiti-strewn streets of Shoreditch. The flawless Japanese-influenced decor adds a heavy dose of international flavour, and the cuisine, of course, is world class.

    The coolest thing about The Nobu Hotel, though, apart from its location on the quiet Willow Street, is its unforgettably modern architecture: it’s the most visually-stunning of this list of group hotels. Jagged, overhanging floor slabs at one end giving the impression of a rectangular building that’s been snapped in half.

  4. The Z Hotel Shoreditch

    Conversely to Nobu’s offering, the Z Hotel Shoreditch is one the most affordable stopovers in the area, and skews towards the younger hipster. Double rooms start at a very reasonable £75, and how’s this for added value: there’s complimentary wine and cheese offered to guests each evening between 5pm and 8pm, and free ice cream after 11pm. Oh, and free Wi-Fi!

    While other budget hotels are often literally devoid of style and personality, The Z enjoys a cool, colourful and quirky aesthetic.

    The hotel also enjoys an enviable location: the well-connected transport hub that is Old Street station is a short walk away. It’s definitely one of the busiest and nosiest pockets of East London, but you won’t know it at The Z, as every room is expertly soundproofed.

  5. M By Montcalm London Shoreditch Tech City

    Finally on our list of group hotels is the M By Montcalm London Shoreditch Tech City. It’s got a pretty grand and futuristic-sounding name, and a pretty grand and futuristic-looking exterior to match.

    With its pointed tip, this 18-storey tower built in 2015 seems to jut in impossible directions, playing tricks on the eyes. It’s like something out of a science fiction movie, and is easily the most striking building in the neighborhood, and something of an emblem of East London Tech City geek chic.

    It’s techy inside too: guests are checked in with iPads, and in-room tablets can be used to adjust the air con and lighting. There are also 37-inch TVs in the rooms and free, high-speed Wi-Fi. The look and feel is impeccably modern.