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Experience the natural Florida via the outback. From Cypress Swamps to Sunny Beaches Florida’s diverse waterways offer outstanding quiet and open water paddling opportunities for beginning and advanced kayaking. Enjoy the outdoors and explore the rivers, springs, islands, beaches, lakes, swamps and marshes throughout Florida.
Take advantage of this opportunity to get away from society, breath fresh air, and seek tranquility and peace amongst the vast amount of Florida wildlife. Get a great workout paddling with Dolphin, Manatee, Otters, and yes, Alligators (but don’t worry, you are not on their menu). You may well spot such magnificent birds as the southern Bald Eagle, White Pelicans, Red Headed Woodpeckers, and Great Blue Heron. Get some motion in the ocean and head to the beaches paddling and snorkeling, enjoying the rich marine life South Florida has to offer. A day away group tours can arrange an exceptional birding experience for your group with a seasoned local birder.

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