This is due to the central location of the city. It is located at the meeting of the Kansas River and Missouri River. It is home to various cultures and cuisines, with a large Irish influence. Kansas City, MO also features riverboat gambling and three separate major league sports teams; The Kansas City Royals (baseball), Kansas City Chiefs (football), and Sporting Kansas F.C. (soccer).

Here are some great things to do in Kansas City, MO:

Arabia Steamboat Museum Guided Group Tours: Arabia Steamboat Museum has got to be one of the best group tours in all of Kansas City. History has been frozen in time. Featuring an up close view of the past.

Kansas City River Market Place: The Historic River Market in Kansas City has been a place where people have gathered for Dining, Entertainment, Shopping, Living and Working.

Kansas City Zoo Guided Group Tours: Kansas City Zoo is a must-see for children and adults interested in getting back to nature. This sprawling park, which attracts 700,000 visitors annually. Excellent for Group Travel Tours.

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