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Enjoy a FREE room when you book one of these group discount hotels for your hen party

  1. Paris

    The City of Light may be the most romantic city on Earth, but for a chic hen party option, there’s really nowhere more sophisticated than the French capital.

    What to do: See bucket list artwork at the Louvre Museum and the Centre Pompidou, before traveling a little out of the city to the fairytale-like Palace of Versailles, built in 1682. Or indulge your inner child with some crowd-pleasing fun at Disneyland Paris

    Where to stay: The stylish four star Le Meridien Etoile is the largest hotel in Paris, with 1,025 rooms and suites

  2. Malta

    With 300 days of sun a year, Malta is a three-island Mediterranean paradise, home to ruggedly beautiful landscapes, azure seas and history and culture galore (the UNESCO World Heritage-certified Ggantija Temples date back to 3200 B.C.)

    What to do: Visit the iconic St.John’s Co-Cathedral, before exploring the sets of Game of Thrones, the say hello to the rich marine life – Malta has some of the clearest waters in the world for snorkelling

    Where to stay: Saint Julian’s Dean Hamlet Aparthotel is a cute three star stopover with 74 rooms to choose from, located in the charming seaside town of St. Julian’s

  3. New York City

    From the designer stores and skyscraper bars of Manhattan to the flea markets and hipster dining of Brooklyn, from Broadway to the Bronx Zoo: every hen will be catered for in The Big Apple

    What to do: The Sex and the City Tour with On Locations Tours takes you to 40 locations as featured in the seminal HBO show – including Steve Brady’s bar, Scout! – and the same applies for many of your favorite TV shows and films, from Friends to Fame

    Where to stay: Discount hotels don’t come bigger than The New York Hilton Midtown; it has 1,980 rooms and suites across 27 floors; in-room spa services are available

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Stay tuned! In our next post due next week we will talk to you about some of the best discount hotels for groups around the world that are great for school reunions. Are you planning group travel sometime in the near future? Then let’s make the booking!