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  1. Amsterdam

    The stag party capital of the world is of course Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands in Europe. From the Red Light District to the 1,515 bars and cafes in town, it provides opportunities for hedonism and debauchery in spades. It’s also an exceptionally accessible city: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol came fourth on CNN Travel’s list of best-connected airports last year.

    What to do: Wet the groom-to-be’s head on the Heineken Experience beer factory tour, or go indoor go-karting at Race Planet.

    Where to stay: Why not the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel? It’s one of the biggest in the city, with 402 rooms and suites.

  2. Las Vegas

    No city is as synonymous with fun and pleasure-seeking as Las Vegas. The largest city in the state of Nevada and the gambling capital of the world, it was of course famously the setting for 2009’s hit movie The Hangover starring Bradley Cooper – about a bachelor party that goes spectacularly awry…

    What to do: Drive a bulldozer at Dig This Vegas – a sort of giant sand box for grown ups – or do a bungee jump at the Stratosphere Tower SkyJump.

    Where to stay: Why not The Palazzo + The Venetian Las Vegas hotel complex, which has 7,117 rooms and suites? Or, if you really want to channel The Hangover, go to Caesars Palace, as featured in the film. It has 3,960 rooms and suites.

  3. Dublin

    There are over 770 pubs in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, which says it all. The drinking scene in this city is globally-famous, but there’s also masses of history and culture to soak up. It also provides the perfect gateway for exploring the surrounding storybook beauty of the Emerald Isle.

    What to do: The Netherlands is known for Heineken and similarly Ireland’s of course known for Guinness: as such, a visit to the Guinness Storehouse brewery is an essential part of any stag party to to Dublin. Or, alternatively (or perhaps additionally) try the Jameson Distillery Tour Experience.

    Where to stay: The Burlington Dublin boasts 502 rooms and suites: the most of any hotel in central Dublin.

  4. London

    The English capital has it all, so every type of husband-to-be will be catered for: glamorous bars and a wide array of museums and galleries for the sophisticated; iconic nightclubs for the night owls, every type of cuisine imaginable for foodies, and, if the mood takes you, 25 casinos to explore

    What to do: Catch raucous comic theatre in the vein of Hamilton or The Book of Mormon in the West End, or engage in some team-based problem solving at Escape Rooms London Bridge. Then, a night you’ll never forget at Ministry of Sound

    Where to stay: The centrally-located Park Plaza Westminster, with 1,021 rooms and suites, is the second largest of the discount hotels in London, after the Royal National Hotel (1,630 rooms and suites).

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Stay tuned! In our next post due next week we will talk to you about some of the best discount hotels for groups around the world that are great for school reunions. Are you planning group travel sometime in the near future? Then let’s make the booking!