The Arabia Steamboat Museum frozen in time, a picture of how life was on the frontier in the 1800s. The Arabia was headed up expressway of the west on the mighty Missouri River at a speed of 5 miles an hour.  In the fall of 1856 she struck a tree snag and sank just north of Kansas City. Her cargo hold was full of 220 tons of cargo.  Supplies bound for general stores and pioneer settlements. As the years passed, the river changed course and left the Arabia buried beneath a Kansas cornfield.  In 1988 a group of modern-day adventurers out to find a treasure of wealth uncovered the lost Arabia and her magnificent cargo. They were amazed to find fine dishware, clothing, and even bottled food all preserved in remarkable condition. Their find has been called the King Tut’s Tomb of the Missouri River.  Realizing what they had was not just a treasure for one, but a treasure for all.  Out to find to find the ultimate treasure to becoming the keepers of time. The Arabia Steamboat has also been featured on the History Channel.

The Arabia Steamboat Museum offers private group tours for Group Travel goers. This a recommended group travel event.

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