The Denver Mint is perfect for just about any family group travel event. Just reach in your pocket and look for the ā€œDā€ and your money was made right in Denver, Co at the world famous Denver Mint. Offering group tours for just about any occasion. For its first 46 years, the United States Mint at Denver was only an assay office in the Clark, Gruber and Company Bank Building. Miners brought in gold dust and nuggets to be melted, assayed and cast into bars stamped with their weight and quality. By 1895, the Assay Office was booming, bringing in more than $5.6 million in gold and silver deposits annually.

In 1904, the government decided to convert the Assay Office into a working mint, and built a much grander facility, an Italian Renaissance style building modeled after a Florentine palace. In 1906, its first year in operation, the new Mint produced 167,371,035 gold and silver coins valued at $27 million. Today, the Denver Mint’s output can exceed 50 million coins a day.
Denver treasures its historic mint building, which is one of Colorado’s oldest institutions. To see this beautiful facility and learn its history, take a United States Mint public tour . You will enjoy special exhibits, artifacts from the United States Mint’s early days and up-close views of the coin making process.

Denver Mint Tour offers group tours for Group Travel goers. This a recommended group travel event.

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Before making you group tour reservation make sure you visit their website for the Denver Mint. While Group Tours of the Denver Mint can be made online, but this is for group up to 15 people. The Denver Mint welcomes large group tours for just about every type of group. Large groups of 16 people and over should make group reservations by calling the Office Of Public Affairs at the Denver Mint. All large group must be scheduled at least two weeks before the group tour date. It is also recomened that during the busy seasons of spring and summer month make your group reservations much early, as much as 6 weeks in advance is recommended. There are a lot of rules and guidelines when visiting a United States public building. For your safety and your groups safety you should really visit the United States Mint at Denver online.

Denver Mint Tour Group Tours online:
Group Reservations Line: (303)405-4759
Address: 320 West Colfax Avenue Denver, CO

Or contact us at would be happy to book your group reservation for you.